Monday, July 29, 2013

Community and HOA Safety Patrols
Community and HOA Safety Patrols
We are happy to be launching the increase of our watch department to better serve our HOA’s and business facilities. The company's marked patrol vehicle with a specially skilled armed officer provides an economic option to contract police officers, while offering a dedicated service providing much better response times compared to the local police department can give. All security personel are trained and empowered with arrest authority so they can get involved in all criminal events they see.

A marked patrol car will make dedicated patrols only in the contract and also be available to react throughout night shift hours to immediate issues. The high profile of security service will help to function as a preventive agent against crooks who might otherwise target your property and guests.

Dedicated Patrol:

Officer and Car stay in contract the complete shift! All non-contract business happens on our own time!

Emergency Response:

Armed Security personel will act in response to all calls for service! No more waiting 2 hours for a police response!

Special Events:

Holidays, busy times, & other needs for extra services.


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